Sep. 21st, 2015

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This was inspired by a [ profile] ysabetwordsmith's poem, "By Our Limited Human Standards", which they wrote to one of my prompts.

"In The Soup" is a popular weekly vidcast prepared by the Kraken communications division and distributed from an entertainment portal located on their darknet. A humorous and often snarky summary of goings on in the soup world, it presents information that conscientious Kraken members need to know in a more entertaining format than dry reports or time-sink briefings by superiors. Each episode provides a quick summary of what Kraken members can safely assume that the non-Kraken public knows about events in which Kraken was involved.

Popups containing commentary (this is often where the snarky bits wind up) show up from time to time in the video stream. A highlighted area in the transcript indicates that a popup pointing to what is being described is shown on the screen. Hovering over the highlight should reveal the contents of the popup.

Implication, innuendo, and outright insults occur frequently in episodes. Tasteless and mocking humor is a staple.

WARNING: In addition to the show's insulting style, some of the events of "By Our Limited Human Standards", and some other canon-typical violence, are mentioned in the transcript. There are also scenes of public humiliation, some bad behavior by supervillains, and a couple of indirect references to unsavory supervillain activity. Nothing stronger than you'd find on a network TV crime drama, but if that sort of thing upsets you, you may not wish to read. Highlighted and flagged() links lead to possibly triggery material; hovering over the flag should reveal what lies underneath. Please consider your tastes and headspace before following.

This episode of "In The Soup" was recorded around the end of the Anything Goes Games disrupted by the Preacherman and his Posse (described in “By Our Limited Human Standards”), which was about a week before the events described in "Berettaflies". The ending of “A River So Long" takes place a couple of weeks after that.

Character descriptions and background material have been compiled into separate posts, which can also be reached via links in the transcript.

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