Sep. 29th, 2015

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[ profile] lone_cat asked for more information about the plebiscite that transferred sovereignty over the Falkland Islands from Britain to Argentina. I am putting it into a separate post due to the presence of secret history and possible triggery content.

What the History Books Say (the public history)

World War II marks the earliest point at which “official” Terramagne global history diverges from ours. Whammy Lass ("A SPOON in Every Pot") became the first person to publicly assert superherodom. The consequences of her activities on behalf of the Allies, and later in the cause of world peace, changed the pace and results of many movements in Terramagne.

One result was that the T-United Nations became a functional international governing body, with the global focus primarily on positive goals that people agree on pursuing, and dangerous situations that people agree need to be stopped. No official record exists, but there is general consensus among historians of the era that a number of private sessions involving UN officials and Whammy Lass led to the the UN's evolution into an organization that could take effective action and provide support for nations wishing to participate in its initiatives.

A major UN initiative, spurred by recognition of its significant contribution to the outbreak of World War II, was to promote the renunciation of colonialist attitudes and encourage colonial powers to devise procedures by which their colonies could gain independence. Britain, encouraged by the generally peaceful transition to independence in India, wound up taking the global lead in this area. Converting processes that had already been used in the foundation of the Commonwealth of Nations, the representatives of the Crown in British possessions were charged with establishing institutions that would allow self-rule and not be totally outside the experiences of the local population. A region that could demonstrate that they were able to establish and maintain a government was granted the opportunity to schedule a plebiscite on their self-determination, voting whether to remain aligned with Britain as a member of the Commonwealth, affiliate with another nation, or become independent.

Here be Nazis, and lands laid waste... )

Shortly thereafter, despite no overt talks having been scheduled, the Falkland Islands, which had not yet petitioned for a plebiscite, were scheduled by Britain to hold one in early 1953. Despite having been thought loyal to the Crown, the final vote was nearly three to one in favor of affiliating with Argentina, which subsequently gained sovereignty over the islands and restored the name Islas Malvinas by which they had earlier been known. The local population was allowed to retain their British citizenship, and granted work permits for the Malvinas in perpetuity for themselves and their descendants. The British naval base remained active and British territory; the rest of the islands became Argentine land.

The Secret History. Also, more Nazis, and secret government agreements. )


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