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The Woman of the House was a bit under the weather, and not willing to get up early and stand around in inclement weather, so we took a pass on the local Women's March. Instead, we went and threw money at a story about African-American women succeeding, to tweak the nose of an incoming administration which has shown contempt for women and African-Americans.

Go see "Hidden Figures".  Note carefully all the overt crap the characters endure, and how they find ways to avoid letting it grind them down. Keep a close eye out for all the stuff that still happens, more than fifty years after the time the movie was set in. If you were around at the time, watch for all the little things that happen that were Just Not Done then. If you can, take someone who was born late enough to believe we were Past All This (even though anyone who isn't of a favored whatever-you-like can easily tell you how far from that we still are), talk with them about those little things, and share with them how difficult doing even those little things was.

And then contemplate what damage can be wrought by people reinstating these forms of oppression under color of apparent public and govenmental approval, and what you are willing to do to oppose their aims.

Not in my town. Not in my state. Not in my country.

Date: 2017-01-23 10:36 pm (UTC)
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Yes, I kept noticing those things. And feeling very glad, but a little bit disbelieving that it would actually have worked that way, when things happened like the men in their family supporting them or their boss changing the rules that were making their lives so difficult.

It was an amazing movie, and I'm very glad I saw it. VERY glad we don't live under those dress codes anymore!


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